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Cutout Stars

Life long learning - Their way!


Learning happens all the time. When we are babies, we learn to move, talk, walk and so much more simply by experiencing the world around us with the support and facilitation of the people around us. Democratic, self directed and rooted in community and collaboration, Chinook Free Learners provides children with the tools, support and community they need to learn, play and thrive the way they were meant to - with freedom and excitement. Our kids make decisions democratically and cooperatively. Young and old, they decide on and take an active role in their own education while filling integral roles in their community. Best of all - they discover the world around them through authentic fascination and play.

Program Basics


  • Inspired by democratic and child-led schools such as Agile Learning Centres and the Sudbury School model and using Agile Learning tools, learners are responsible for the speed and direction of their education.

  • Learners independently decide what to do with their time and tend to learn through movement and experience rather than through coursework.

  • There is no separation of learners by age, no predetermined educational syllabus, prescriptive curriculum or standardized instruction.

  • Decisions are made through direct democracy, with adults functioning as facilitators who support and empower learners in their explorations and help support learners in discovering their interests - instead of handing down expectations.

Our Locations

North Campus


Our north campus is located at the heart of Confederation Park in Northern Calgary. The indoor space is conducive to quiet, independent study as well as large bouts of fast-paced physical and imaginative play. Confederation Park as a backdrop provides endless opportunities for outdoor excursions in every season, and connects the community to transit, increasing the accessibility of field trips or explorations in the world beyond.


South Campus


Our South Campus meets in Sundance on Mondays and Fridays and at the Seton YMCA/library on Wednesdays! These locations offer us access to green spaces, Fish Creek Park, playgrounds, the YMCA facilities including the ice rinks, swimming pools, gyms and climbing wall at the nearby hospital, library programs and spaces and fun outdoor recreation spaces.

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