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How Do I Register?

There are a few steps to our registration process:

       When registration opens, you will be able to access the Registration page and choose from our North or South Campuses and one, two or three or more children. You can also choose our self-selecting subsidy program if you need financial assistance. You will be prompted to pay for the year's tuition and will receive a welcome email with a link to complete your registration and to indicate when you would prefer to book your intake phone interview.

          Once you have paid your tuition, you will need to book a family interview via the welcome email. This interview will be conducted over the phone at a time of your choosing. This is an opportunity for your family to have any concerns or questions addressed and for us both to determine whether or not our program will be a good fit for your family. Our school culture is extremely important to how well our school functions and it is disruptive and difficult to our children and our facilitators when children leave the program part way through or when families struggle greatly with the degree of autonomy and personal choice that our program entails. If, for any reason, either party feels like our program will not be a good fit for your family we will refund your tuition in full.

          After your tuition is paid and your interview done, you will receive a second email which will provide you with information about the programs we use to communicate and to track your child's progress as well as instructions on accessing the members section on the website and creating a family account.




           Once these steps are completed, your child will be ready to attend! Our first few days will be spent in 1:1 discussions with your child to set their program plan for the year.  A parent is welcome to attend as well if they like, but we ask that siblings do not. Our campuses will be open and available for siblings to use while we work with the children 1:1, but they will need to be supervised by a parent. This process is an opportunity for facilitators and children to gain a sense of one another, for the facilitators to learn and gauge how to best support your children in achieving their goals. Establishing their own program plan can be as simple as "I want to play, make some new friends and spend time outside." or as complex as "I want to figure out how to complete my high school credits in order to attend University next year." This process will be guided and laid out by your child and can be changed as often as they like throughout the year. It simply serves as a "backbone" for how they use their time here, gives them a sense of autonomy and personal responsibility in regards to their own decisions and their education and goals.

         We will also be hosting a meet and greet for our families in late August after registration has closed. This will be a fun chance for families and children to get to know one another and to begin to develop our culture. We'll send out more information on this after registration ends!

         If your family needs financial assistance to access our program we do offer a self-selecting subsidy which can be found on the registration page once it is opened. There is no application program for this, we trust our families to select according to their means. We do require upfront tuition payment for the year, however if this makes accessing our program impossible for your family, please contact us to discuss payment arrangements. We want our program to be as accessible as possible to families of all means while still ensuring we can remain operational.

           Our program is intended for school-aged children from 6-18 primarily, and we do not offer a specific Kindergarten program or Pre-school program. Families with younger siblings that would like to attend as well can speak to the specific campus they are interested in about registering younger siblings as well. Generally speaking, we require all children to be FULLY toilet trained and able to participate throughout the entire day's program. We do not have the facilities or ability to accommodate children who require afternoon naps, diapers, or significant toilet assistance. If your child needs additional assistance, but you feel they would be able to participate well WITH that assistance, we will require you to either attend with your child or to provide an aide for them who can manage their specific needs.

We look forward to getting to know you and following along on your child's educational journey!

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