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To purchase using an EMT:
First choose the "Special Arrangements" option below
to reserve your spot and pay your deposit.
Send an EMT for your tuition using the price list here to:
Chinook Free Learners
In the EMT message body make sure to write your first and last name, your child(ren)'s first and last name(s), which email address you want us to use and which campus you are registering for. 
EMT Pricing
1 Child - $1200
2 Children - $2000
3 or More Children - $2700
*Self-Selecting Subsidy Pricing*
1 Child - $575
2 Children - $1025
3 or More Children - $1400

If you have questions about the registration process or the program itself, please check out the Registration Information page.

If you need further assistance with your registration process or if you need to discuss the possibility of making payment arrangements,

please email our financial department at:

Please Select From the Following Options to Register

You can choose from 2 ways to pay:

1. You can choose the "North Deposit" or "South Deposit" options

below to make a deposit and reserve your family's spot.

Then send us an EMT for the remaining tuition amount.

*Please also note on the EMT which campus you are registering for*

2. You can use the online payment system below to pay the full tuition balance using a credit card or Paypal

If you choose to pay the full balance using credit card or Paypal, there will be an additional charge.

This covers the fees we are billed for using this service.

There is no additional charge for EMT payments.