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Tales of Monkey Island

I want to tell you about a really cool game called Tales of Monkey Island.

At the start Guybrush Threepwood is trying to make a voodoo rootbeer bottle. He says something like "That'll teach you to mess with Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!" Because he's about to beat the zombie pirate LeChuck. Then Elaine says something like "Guybrush, stop blathering on about it and just do it!" and then Guybrush drops the rootbeer bottle and it breaks. Then he talks to Elaine and Elaine makes the ship's mast fall over onto Guybrush's ship so he can get onto her ship. Then he goes onto the ship and his ship sails away from them. They're then trapped on Elaine's ship with the zombie pirate LeChuck. And then he uses his sword to cut a root off a voodoo plant on the ship. He puts the voodoo root in a barrel of grog to make voodoo root grog, but it's not fizzy enough, so he adds a roll of fizzy breath mints. Now it's fizzy. Then he dips his sword into the fizzy voodoo root grog to make it a voodoo sword so he can kill the zombie pirate LeChuck. He stabs LeChuck, but it doesn't work! It infects Guybrush with the pox and turns LeChuck into a human! I don't remember why, but then the whole ship explodes! Guybrush is thrown in one direction and Elaine and LeChuck are thrown onto Guybrush's ship. Guybrush is left floating on a piece of debris and eventually floats to an island.

This is Flotsom Island where people who have been shipwrecked end up stuck on the island because the winds are too strong to sail away from it. Guybrush then has to figure out how to get off the island, get rid of the pox (that he doesn't know he has yet), get back to Elaine and get rid of the now human evil pirate LeChuck.

I like this game because I like the way the game is organized. You have to finish each chapter before you can do the next one. It's also pretty funny and Guybrush is pretty dopey. It's pretty hard to beat the whole game, it takes a long time and you have a lot of puzzles. Sometimes the situations are tricky and have funny solutions.

There are some really funny characters in it too, like Murray the talking skull and there's one character who is a woman named Morgan LeFlay who is a pirate hunter.

Here is a picture of their ship being swallowed by a giant manatee.

It says this game is for ages 12 and up, but I'm 9, almost 10 and I really like playing it.

- L, south campus

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