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What Does Tuition Cost?

The cost of our program is laid out below. We operate at a significantly lower rate than any other comparable program in Calgary. Through volunteer efforts, donations and support from organizations that value this method of education, we are able to offer a program at a rate that is affordable.


The usual price of a program like ours is over $4000 per child per year for 2 days a week. This is what programs such as forest school and other specialized children's programs charge.

We understand that these prices are a barrier for many families, especially those with multiple children. To help lower the cost of the program, the on-site facilitation hours are being provided free by dedicated facilitators who donate their time onsite as well as before and after hours logging information, problem solving, and planning.

In addition, all of the administrative work required to run the Chinook Free Learners non-profit is also provided by hard working people who volunteer many hours per week to all aspects of managing this organization. We also keep our costs for rent and insurance as low as possible, relying on organizations that will subsidize items, such as our rental costs.

All of this together has allowed us to offer the program at $2000 a year per child with a subsidized price of $950 available for any who require it, without applying. 

Our program breaks down to a cost of no more than $25 a day per child.

We understand that, even though some of this cost can be returned to families through homeschool reimbursement, the cost may still prevent them from being able to register. For this reason, we offer a subsidized rate of $950 a year per child.

Families do not need to apply for this rate, our subsidy program is self-selecting and available to any that feel it is necessary. We do not require an application. We trust that families will respect the need our program has for funding and will self-select accordingly.

Additional donations to our organization are always appreciated. Contact us if you are interested in donating to our program!

Full Year begins in September. Half Year begins in February for families who may not have heard about our program in time for September registration. We will not open registration for Half Year should our program be filled to capacity in September.

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs are as follows and is the same for both the North and South Campuses:

*Note: the South Campus meets 3 days a week, with one day being at the Seton YMCA.

The cost for admission to the YMCA facilities and programs is roughly $4/child/day.

This IS NOT included in the tuition cost and will need to be provided separately by each family*

Full Year:

One Child



One Child


Two Children


Two Children


Three or More Children


Three or More Children


Half Year:

One Child


Two Children


Three or More Children



One Child


Two Children


Three or More  Children


Payment Arrangement Program

If your family requires payment arrangements in order to attend our program, please contact us. We want our program to be as accessible as possible while still meeting our expenses and keeping our program open. We are happy to work with your family to work out a solution.

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